14 maj 2024

ILAE – Nominations for Management Committee 2025-29 – Start date 9 May 2024alle nyheder

af Gitte Bramstorp

Today we proceed to the next stage, the election of the Vice President, SecretaryGeneral and Treasurer.

This part of the election takes place in 2 steps: 1) nomination of candidates and 2) voting. Chapters have been invited to submit 5 names of persons coming from at least 3 regions (Africa,Asia/Oceania, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Latin America, North America) that they propose for these offices. The deadline for submissions is 5th June 2024.

In the nomination, each Chapter has 1 vote.
The Election Committee will, from the received proposals, compile a list of up to 15 candidates who have received the most nominations, are eligible and willing to serve, and represent a regional distribution that ensures that the above rule on regional participation will be complied with.

According to the Constitution, ‘each of the newly electedManagement Committee (MC) members must be primary members of different Chapters’. Therefore, since the President-elect is from the Russian Chapter, no more primary members of that Chapter can now be elected. Also, no more than two of the newly elected members of the MC shall come from the same region. Therefore, no more than one European can now be elected whereas from each of the other regions up to two MC members can be elected.

Additionally, the Constitution states that ‘No member of the Executive Committee can serve more than two terms as an elected officer, unless elected as President’. The list of those who are ineligible and cannot be nominated can be found here https://www.ilae.org/about-ilae/elections