Epilepsimøder i udlandet

02 apr 2025

Third International congress on Structural Epilepsy & Symptomatic Seizures (STESS).

Tidspunkt: 2-4 April 2025  Sted: Gothenburg, Sweden

WELCOME Welcome to the third International congress on Structural Epilepsy & Symptomatic Seizures (STESS). Location: Wallenberg…

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13 jun 2024

Norsk Epilepsiselskap – Årskonferanse 2024, 13.-14. juni 2024, Bodø

Norsk Epilepsiselskap holder årskonferanse den 13.-14. juni 2024 på Wood hotel i Bodø. Det fulde…

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19 mar 2024

Nordic Masterclass on Epilepsy 2024 – “The road to diagnosis in complex epilepsies” – September 19th – 20th, Högsberga Gård Outside Stockholm

see invitation here  Ansøgning til deltagelse og legat til mødet med ansøgningsfrist 21. april 2024…

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13 mar 2024

Kuopia Epilepsy Symposium, 13-15 March in Kuopia

Tidspunkt: 13-15 March  Sted: Kuopia, Finland

We are glad to invite you to participate in the Kuopio Epilepsy Symposium, which will…

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18 jan 2024

9th London-Innsbruck Colloquium and Acute Seizures, 8-10 April 2024 London, UK

Tidspunkt: 8-10 April 2024  Sted: London, UK

Status Epilepticus 2024 I only 14 days left for early bird registration and abstract submission…

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15 mar 2024

5th International Epilepsy Symposium – 15th til 16th March 2024, Berlin, Germany

The 5th International Epilepsy Symposium will take place from 15th to 16th March 2024 in…

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07 sep 2024

15th European Congress in Rome, Italy 7-11 september 2024

Sted: Rome, Italy

Dear ILAE Europe Chapters and Members, As you may be aware Abstract Submission for the…

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05 dec 2022

ILAE-EUROPE invites so submit applications for funding for sponsored courses/symposia during 2023

Dear Chapter Executives, On behalf of ILAE-Europe we would like to invite you to submit…

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29 aug 2022

8th London Innsbruck Colloquium and the 2nd cEEG Course, 17th to 20th September in Salzburg

Attached please find an announcement for the 8th London Innsbruck Colloquium and the 2nd cEEG…

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28 apr 2022

2nd North American Epilepsy Congress, which will take place in a virtual format on 5-8 May

Dear ILAE Regional Chairs and Chapter Presidents: We are writing to you to ask for your assistance in…

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